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InterWrite SchoolPad




  InterWrite SchoolPad was designed with the teacher in mind. It's a wireless pad that gives the teacher the ability to use the pen like a mouse to annotate and highlight any computer image. With the SchoolPad a teacher can interact with a projected image at the front of the room while standing anywhere in the classroom. You can be at a student’s desk while pointing out something on the board, or write problems and make notes while standing at the back of the classroom.

Engage students by letting them use a SchoolPad to illustrate a problem.
Motivate students by having groups of them work together, each using a SchoolPad.
Inspire students by turning lessons into experiences.

The InterWrite SchoolPad can work on its own, turning any surface into an electronic whiteboard, or in groups of seven, giving individual students or groups of students the ability to fully participate in the classroom without having to leave their seats. It can also be used with the InterWrite SchoolBoard, making it a collaborative device between the teacher and students.

Models - Active Area 6" X 8"
The wireless SchoolPad 400 utilizes Bluetooth™ technology to enable teachers to engage their students from anywhere in the classroom. Up to seven SchoolPad 300's can connect to the same computer, providing a truly interactive learning environment.
The wired SchoolPad 100 connects to your PC via a serial or USB port. SchoolPad 100 is perfect for annotating lesson plans at your desk, or for controlling your presentation while at a podium. Only one SchoolPad 100 can be connected to each PC.

Standard Features

Digitizing Technology The InterWrite SchoolPad utilizes GTCO CalComp’s patented electromagnetic digitizing technology which delivers high resolution (1,000 lines per inch), providing superior performance for fine annotations and handwriting recognition.

Software Standard as part of the InterWrite SchoolPad, InterWrite Software is an extremely intuitive and easy to use annotation program that can be used to annotate, highlight or make notes over any Windows application. You can even save, print or e-mail your lessons and all notations to students who are away from class. InterWrite Software is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP and MAC OS X.

Bluetooth Hub Available as either a PCMCIA card or a USB dongle, the Bluetooth Hub is an antenna that connects to your PC and provides wireless connectivity between the PC and the InterWrite SchoolPad (Model 400 only).

Rechargeable Electronic Pen An electronic pen provides full mouse capability (left and right click, drag and drop, etc.)

Power Requirements The InterWrite SchoolPad Model 400 contains a rechargeable NiMH battery. Under normal conditions, the battery life is 15 hours of continuous use. A power supply with a 10' cord is included for recharging.
The SchoolPad Model 100 uses the power from the RS232 or USB port of your computer—no power supply is needed.

Warranty One Year Limited US Warranty









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